Date: February 07, 2019
Author: Golf Australia

GA launches Even Par


Even Par, a program to generate gender equality in Victorian golf clubs, was launched at the ISPS Handa Vic Open in Barwon Heads today.

Fittingly at the only global tournament that has men and women playing on the same course at the same time for the same prizemoney, Even Par's birth promotes Golf Australia's commitment to equality and inclusivity at all levels.

Golf Australia female engagement senior manager Chyloe Kurdas said Even Par would begin with pilot programs in the Geelong, north-west Melbourne and south-east Melbourne regions.

"The program will comprise a four-part workshop series to enhance the capacity of golf clubs and their leaders to bring about greater gender equality for their membership," Kurdas said.

"Golf Australia will support clubs to develop and implement an action plan to address gender inequality in their clubs.

"From the pilot, we will then evaluate and report learnings both internally and to external stakeholders to build a nationwide gender equality club development program for Australian golf clubs."

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Speaking at the launch, Dr Bridie O'Donnell, head of the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, said the state's umbrella Change our Game program was a "battle cry" for all involved.

"There are so many aspects of our society, not just sport, that exist in their current form because those who influence say `this is the way it has always been done'," O'Donnell said.

"Even Par is a great way to address that. By expressing ideas in these forums, whether they're easy or difficult to communicate or hear at either end, we will work towards making changes that are more relevant and acceptable to a newer audience, to make sport more appealing."

The program forms part of Golf Australia’s delivery of the ‘Vision 2025: the future of women and girls in golf’ strategy.

Four 90-minute workshops will be delivered in 2019 from March through to June by Golf Australia Victorian staff.

Workshops will provide golf clubs with:

  • – A greater understanding of the impact of gender inequality within sports clubs on members, their families, and the broader community;
  • – The relationship between gender inequality and violence against women; and,
  • – The power of sporting organisations to create greater gender equality in the broader community and impact the lives their members and their families and communities.

Clubs will be provided with ongoing support to:

  • – Review existing practices in the club;
  • – Identify opportunities for creating greater gender equality; and,
  • – Develop, implement and evaluate such strategies.

Workshops will also facilitate opportunities for clubs to share learnings and to collaborate in overcoming challenges.