Date: September 29, 2009

GA Order of Merit Information

Golf Australia OOM Overview

The Golf Australia Order of Merit (GA OOM), previously known as the Australian Amateur Ranking System, provides players the opportunity to monitor their performance based on results from particular Australian events (known as Golf Australia Order of Merit Events). 

The GA OOM is aimed at Australian based golfers who contest primarily Australian events. It encourages participation among low-handicapped golfers.

Whilst the GA OOM recognises the best performed player over the stipulated OOM period, Golf Australia’s High-Performance Program places greater emphasis on The R&A’s WAGR when selecting benchmark players, Australian Teams and prioritizing funding allocations. The WAGR is more indicative of a player’s standing, as it considers events worldwide and compares all players worldwide.  

GA OOMs are maintained for the following utilising Golfbox software:

• Open Men’s GA OOM
• Open Women’s GA OOM
• Boys’ GA OOM (under 18)
• Girls’ GA OOM (under 18)
• Senior Men’s GA OOM (55 and over)
• Senior Women’s GA OOM (55 and over)

The system is points-based and awards points to players according to the players’ finishing positions. The total number of points allocated to an event is determined by the prestige of the event and the historic strength of the field.  Players receive a percentage of the total points allocation.

The OOM year commences on 1 November each year and concludes on 31 October each year. The player with the highest points tally at the end of the OOM year is recognised as the winner of their designated GA OOM.  Only players with an official Golflink number are eligible to accrue points for, and be recognised as the winner of, their designated GA OOM.

To provide a fair and equitable GA OOM, at least two events from each State and the NT are eligible to be granted GA OOM status in each category of GA OOM. The number of events is restricted to ensure the group of GA OOM Events remains exclusive, and that the events provide high-level competitive opportunities for those who play by ensuring many of the top players compete in the same events.

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