Date: June 06, 2011

GA partners with Stardeals by Groupon Australia

Golf Australia today announced an exciting promotion with group buying site Stardeals, which is operated by Groupon Australia. The partnership with will allow Australian golf clubs to market themselves to a new audience, offering the chance to experience what the club has to offer through a special deal offered via Stardeals. Since its launch in November 2008, Groupon Inc. has led a worldwide movement in e-commerce, using the principles of collective buying to bring millions of dollars in new revenue to local businesses while saving more than US$2 billion for subscribers. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named Groupon the fastest growing company in history. Stardeals commenced operations in February this year and now offers daily deals in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, in addition to national deals. Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt said the agreement would mean golf clubs could market themselves to a new audience and increase their growth. We re delighted to work with Stardeals by Groupon Australia, who are leaders in their field, Pitt said. It’s now more important than ever for us to offer golf clubs new ways of marketing themselves and getting more people through their doors. This new audience presents Australian golf clubs with an exciting element in their marketing strategies and gives clubs the opportunity tailor packages to suit their key growth focus areas, Pitt added.