Date: February 05, 2019
Author: Golf Australia

GA updates HP program

Golf Australia is pleased to announce recent improvements to its high performance program.

The Golf Australia high performance pathway comprises four tiers. Funding for service provision and development opportunities increase as the athlete moves through the tiers. 

The tiers are:

Tier 1 – Golf Australia rookie program (professionals only)

Tier 2 – State High Performance programs

Tier 3 – State development programs

Tier 4 – State talent ID programs

The following criteria will be utilised for program selection:

  • > Australian citizen
  • > All Golf Australia high performance program athletes must have completed – or be in the process of completing – secondary school
  • > Results (state, national, international)
  • > Rankings
  • > Dedication to the process of reaching their full potential on and off the golf course
  • > Potential to reach Golf Australia’s long-term high performance strategic objectives

Golf Australia will have a selection process for athletes in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. These states (and territory) fall under the newly aligned selection process for the GA high performance program. All athletes selected will be named in early March with the national program beginning by 1 April and finishing 31 December. The high performance programs of New South Wales and Western Australia are not currently administered by Golf Australia; please check with the appropriate state body for specific details of each program.

Selection for the Golf Australia high performance program is separate from national and state team representation.

Athletes who aspire to be part of the Golf Australia high performance program can now apply via this link and then by clicking on the appropriate state.  

Applications are now open for Tiers 2 and 3 of the Golf Australia high performance program.  State programs, such as the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS), fall under the national tier 2 program. These programs are considered the elite amateur programs of their respective states.

Removal of Golf Australia benchmark athlete

As part of the improvements to the Golf Australia high performance program, the benchmark athlete criteria and funding will no longer continue. For those athletes who reached the criteria during the past 12 months, funding will remain in place. Funding allocated to the benchmark criteria has not been removed, but instead will be reallocated and invested into athletes via their state HP program or via targeted funding (see below). Any Australian athletes, regardless of whether or not they are part of the Golf Australia program, are eligible for targeted funding. 

What is targeted funding?

Targeted funding is additional money provided to athletes tracking towards Golf Australia’s long-term high performance strategic objectives. It can be in addition to what athletes receive from their state high performance programs, but can apply equally to those training outside such programs. In order to receive targeted funding:

* athletes in existing state HP programs are encouraged to consult with their respective state HP managers to request or be identified for targeted funding.

* athletes whose daily training environment is outside their home state’s high performance program – including those in the NCAA/US college system – are eligible for targeted funding provided their development is monitored by their respective state HP program manager. Two-way contact between the athlete and state HP manager is vital and encouraged.

Targeted funding can be applied to development and tournament opportunities, both domestically and abroad.