Date: April 11, 2018
Author: Dave Tease

Get into Golf for Seniors Kicks off at Kiama

Enjoying a round of golf while roaming around Australia is one of the reasons Gerringong couple Steve and Sharon Moore signed up for the Golf NSW Get into Golf for Seniors program.

"We retired, bought a caravan, and will be travelling around Australia.

"We want to take the golf clubs with us because we know that just about everywhere you go there is a golf course.

“It will give us something else to enjoy as we go around,” Steve said.



2018 Golf for Seniors: Click HERE to sign up for a program near you

The Moores had little interest in the sport until retirement day, but with plenty of time now on their hands, felt they were ready to learn how to play.

“I didn’t feel I had the time to devote to really learning how to play properly while I was working, but lately, I have been.” Sharon added.

Steve remembers hitting a few balls on Cabramatta golf course when he was growing up, but hasn’t picked up a club for over 30 years.

“I lived opposite Cabramatta (Golf Club) as a young bloke.

"I used to go over there and hit a few balls, but since then I haven’t picked up a club.”

Run by Golf NSW in conjunction the PGA and the ALPG, the six-week program, now in its second year, is designed to introduce those aged 50 and over to the sport.

For just $99, participants will learn the fundamentals of the game from how to hold the club properly and hitting shots, to chipping, putting and a basic understanding of the rules, in six one-hour clinics.

The couple hopes to come away from the program with a better understanding of the sport and the fundamentals in place to be able to participate with friends who are already golfers.

They hope to join a club and compete eventually.

“I felt I needed some proper lessons to start with rather than just grabbing a club and hoping for the best.

“I want to hit the ball cleanly down the middle as often as I can, and gradually improve as I go along.

“A lot of my friends play golf and they organise trips to places like the Murray River and all sorts. I haven’t been on any of them, and I thought it’s about time I got myself organised,” Steve added.

Getting a handicap at first sounded a little daunting to the pair, but Sharon said she hopes to get out with the ladies eventually.

“There are fairly strong ladies comps around, and I feel like I need to get a bit more experience, but that’s the plan.

“Join up, get a handicap, and play regularly,” she smiled.

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Toby McGeachie, the Head Professional at Kiama Golf Club, said the program was proving to be a hit with the local community.

“Everyone seems to be enjoying it,” he said. “It’s been great for the community and good for the golf club.

“We hope by running this program over a period of time, people will get better, enjoy their time on the course and not be intimidated by the sport,” McGeachie said.