Date: August 26, 2019
Author: Jayden Zeinstra

Get into Golf

Current Action Items

1. First edition of the centre manual has been complete. The first edition will be used for the rollout of the Sport Australia Better Ageing Grant (Get Into Golf Seniors). Golf Australia received a $500,000 grant to kick start this rollout. The centre manual includes a curriculum that has the Sport Australia physical literacy framework embedded and has been tailored using the research collected from the Nielsen Sports ‘GA unlocking the get me started segment’ report.

2. Sport Australia Better Ageing Grant will rollout across the country from August 1. Activities that have been completed to reach this point include:

• 97 Aveo villages matched to 97 golf clubs. There will also be an additional 70 golf clubs running the program.
• Pre & post testing measures completed by project partner Exercise Sport Science Australia. The assessment includes 4 age-appropriate evidenced based tests to measure aerobic capacity, muscle strength, mobility and balance, plus 5 additional behavioural questions. There is also strong scientific evidence correlating performance on the physical tests with predicted life expectancy and is feasible that changes in these measures will be observed as a result of the intervention (golf).

• Evaluation surveys have been completed by La Trobe University. The evaluation survey includes the SF-12 health questionnaire, and some further social connectedness questions proposed by La Trobe University.

• PGA of Australia All Abilities training module has been updated with a significant piece on coaching to older Australians.

• National state/territory staff rollout and project plans complete. The project plans include KPIs and Roles & Responsibilities.

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3. Filming session one complete with The Resilience Project. The Resilience Project are creating a digital series for both Get Into Golf & MyGolf that focuses on practicing positive mental health strategies to assist them to become happier, more resilient and improve their overall wellbeing.

Next Action Items

1. Further development of the Community Instructor module and the amalgamation of content into one streamlined module 

2. Marketing collateral workshops with Principle Design. Photo and video shoots to begin the week starting 26th August.

3. Complete full content for the Get Into Golf centre manual. This includes all marketing collateral and print collateral.