Date: November 25, 2016
Author: Golf Queensland

Getting Started

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Play Golf

Golf is a stimulating challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings that can be played by people of all abilities and ages.

It is a great way to meet new friends and is a platform for social interaction between people from all walks of life. You can just turn up to a course and meet and play with anybody.

It is supported by a well structured network of clubs and other facilities enabling easy access for people in most locations – golfing holidays are very popular tourism ventures.

Golf has a large network of coaches providing tuition and a wide range of equipment designed for all standards of player.

It's a fun game that can also help teach people fundamental values in life such as honesty, integrity, self-respect, confidence, sportsmanship and consideration for others.

It is easier than ever to get into golf, even if you've never played before. Golf is a great game that will enhance your life. It will bring you new friends, health, challenges and happiness. Each year many people, both young and old discover golf and forge a relationship with this great game.



Step 1: Find a club
Golf Queensland is associated with over 250 Queensland golf clubs offering a range of programs and playing opportunities for beginners, social and amateur golfers.
Find a club near you and ask about their on-course programs.

Step 2: Join a Program/Clinic
Ladies, Let’s Golf –  The program inspires new golfers to get started and returning golfers to refresh their skills. Ladies, Let’s Golf delivers golf instruction in a fun, creative, interactive and friendly environment. The emphasis on participation and fun rather than technique sets this program apart from the others. Visit Women's Golf for more information.

Junior Golf – Junior Golf Queensland (JGQ) has been established by Golf Queensland to provide the sport of junior golf with a more coordinated and structured approach to junior development and participation across the state. By establishing a variety of key networks and providing them with relevant information regarding junior golf, JGQ is able to assist in the development and establishment of healthy vibrant junior programs across Queensland. Visit the Junior Golf Queensland website for more information.

MyGolf – MyGolf is Australia’s national junior introductory program to develop and promote participation in golf. An introductory program to the sport, the MyGolf program is designed for 5 to 12 year olds and is the major driver of junior golf participation in Australia. Through the MyGolf program, we aim to increase participation and engagement in golf by children, and provide a fun, accessible and satisfying introduction to the sport of golf by promoting skills development, as well as the social and fun aspects of the sport, to the wider community. Visit the MyGolf website for more information.

Step 3: Playing Opportunities
Golf Clubs around Queensland have developed specialised offerings tailored to all ranges and skill levels of various types of golfers. Golf Queensland also offers programs and opportunities for golfers looking to play more with the following options.

Learning to play and starting to compete – Golf Queensland recognise the importance of engaging with casual and social golfers to improve their experience while still having the opportunity to play in regular competitions. With this engagement it will be possible to integrate with iGolf Queensland, promote club membership and encourage golfers to join golf clubs through newsletters and other electronic media. Golfers can gain confidence in competition play with people of a similar ability, see the value of joining a golf club and then move on to become a golf club member.

iGolf Casual Golfer Program – The iGolf Queensland program is designed to engage with the casual golfer and increase participation of the sport throughout the Queensland. We recognise the importance of engaging with casual and social golfers to improve their experience while still having the opportunity to play in regular competitions. Visit the iGolf website for more information. 

Golf Queensland events – View the calendar for a full list of Golf Queensland tournaments and a range of events.

Step 4: Club Membership
Many Queensland Golf Clubs now offer flexible and tailored membership and packages to suit the desires and lifestyles of all golfers. Find a club near you and ask about their membership options.


Social Golf

Social play accounts for almost two-thirds of all golf participation in Australia.

With access to Queensland courses on a 'pay for play' (green fee) basis being both easy and affordable, more and more players are choosing to participate in formats outside of the traditional structured club environment.

As such, social club bookings have become an integral source of revenue for Queensland clubs.

Golf Queensland invites all Social Clubs to register their details with us – in the process receiving the following membership benefits.
• Golf Queensland newsletters
• Registration Certificate supplied to assist with bookings to be made with Affiliated Golf Clubs
• "Rules of Golf" booklets
• Assistance from Golf Queensland on matters relating to: Disputes, Rules of Golf, Handicaps, Competitions, Administration, and any other details required by the club.