Date: August 01, 2017

Getting Started

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If you know or have a child looking to get into golf, there are plenty of options available. Take a look at the programs and events below to see what might be the best one for your junior.

Getting started:

MyGolf is Australia’s national junior program designed to give kids (aged 5-12) a fun, social and satisfying introduction to golf. During the 10-week program MyGolfers will learn the basics of golf, including driving, chipping and putting, in a games-based environment. Visit the MyGolf website to learn more.


Kids can also get involved in golf through their school thanks to School Sport Victoria and the Sporting Schools program. For more information on golf offerings in schools, please click here.

Junior Golf Events:

Golf Victoria also run a range of junior events if your child is confident on the golf course and looking to play in competitions with other kids their age.

Our events range from non-handicapped events for young kids and those new to competition golf all the way through to state championships, however they are all designed to provide players with a fun experience out on the golf course. To view our junior calendar of events, please click here.

Local Golf Facility:

Another option would be to find a golf facility near you and see what they have to offer for budding junior golfers.

If you’re after more information on junior golf, send us an email at or call (03) 8545 6200.