Date: June 23, 2015

Girls Golf Clubs

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Girls Golf Club Vision 

Golf Victoria's vision is to encourage more clubs to be active in engaging girls in golf. 

Prior to the relaunch of MyGolf in July 2014,  only 22% of junior participants were girls. Since the relaunch, Golf Victoria has placed great emphasis on promoting and increasing girls participation. They aim to acheive this by establishing 'Girls Golf Clubs' across the state. 

Studies have shown that girls are more likely to engage in the sport when they are fostered in an encouraging and supportive environment. 

Joining A Girls Golf Club

If you're a young girl and interested in joining a 'Girls Golf Clubs', simply click on the register link below of your 'Girls Golf Club' of choice.


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Cranbourne Golf Club
Coordinator: Ben Ferrif


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Kooringal Golf Club
Coordinator: Russel Kelly


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The National Golf Club
Coordinator: Kim Collett


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Royal Melbourne Golf Club
Coordinator: Daniel Whyley 


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Victoria Golf Club
Coordinator: TBC


If your interested in becoming a 'Girls Golf Club' please contact Jo Charlton at Golf Victoria on

Becoming A Girls Golf Club

Girls Golf Clubs are required to:

   •   Clubs to run annual girls golf programs

   •   Clubs to incorporate the MyGolf framework as part of the Girls Golf Clubs

   •   Clubs to promote the Girls Golf Club as part of their junior development plan

   •   Clubs to foster a welcoming environment for junior girls

   •   Clubs to provide an annual report of the Girls Golf Club progress to Golf Victoria

Club Information