Date: December 01, 2013
Author: Jack Newton Junior Golf

Girls in Golf Pilot Program Introduced in the ACT


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Since June 2013 Jack Newton Junior Golf, Federal Golf Club, and Woden Valley Football Club have partnered in the delivery of a ‘Girls in Golf’ Pilot Program.

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Female representation in golf accounts for approximately 20% of the total participants in the game. The idea of developing a program to encourage girls to be involved in golf has been a priority for JNJG. The program endeavours to give girls the opportunity to learn and experience golf in a fun, social, non-confronting environment.

As well as girls’ participation in golf, the benefits include social development and personal development, leading to an increase in positive self-perception. All these factors are key objectives in encouraging young people to be more active, have a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, now and into the future.

Golf may not be something the girls will continue with during their childhood and teenage years, however it is something they will be able to come back to later in life. There are many opportunities for girls to travel throughout Australia and overseas playing golf.


The Program


Earlier this year JNJG approached Federal Golf Club to host the pilot program and Woden Valley Football Club were offered the opportunity for their players to participate. Through the efforts of Peter Youill, Woden Valley Football Club, and Peter Gray, Junior Promotions Officer at Federal Golf Club, the GIG pilot was established and has continued with a regular and varied schedule since June 2013.

Eight, Division 1, U11 WVFC girls are engaged in the program that has see them receive golf tuition and game play sessions over a 6-month period at Federal Golf Club.

Sessions commenced on 15 June 2013, and continued on Saturday’s at Federal Golf Club. The sessions occurred during their football season and the girls came to golf before playing soccer at 11.30am. The program has included 18 sessions of tuition, assessment and game play instructed by Jason Pavese, PGA Professional supported by Sue Harrison (JNJG) and Peter Gray, Federal Golf Club. The sessions varied from 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on the activity. All equipment was provided and now some girls have purchased their own.

As the program has continued the girls have come from not having tried golf, to hitting shots, chipping, putting, playing modified holes of golf, and finally now we are playing on the course.

Jason Pavese, and the Professional staff at Federal have delivered a varied, interesting and most importantly fun golfing experience, the value of which is demonstrated with continued participation by the girls.

The pre-existing athletic ability of the girls and their ability to listen and execute has seen them progress quickly. They have completed two skills assessments in which their competitiveness shone through.

During the pilot the ACT School Girls Golf Team visited and played a few holes, socialised, offered tips and demonstrated for the younger golfers. After the golf we all retired to the club-house and shared drinks and muffins which proved to be a very popular activity.

Over the Christmas period we will not be having any structured sessions, however the girl’s membership at Federal allows them to go the club any time and practice their golf.

This pilot has not only benefited the young participants, but their parents, the club, and the community, by building strong relationships between groups that may not have ordinarily crossed paths. Thank you to all those involved so far. We have very much enjoyed the experience. Look out for 2014!
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