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Golf Australia�s Role

R&A Rules Limited has delegated Golf Australia with the role of administering the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status in Australia. The R&A is the international governing authority for golf. Golf Australia in turn has delegated its authority to deal with queries to its Member State Associations. An affiliated club seeking an official decision must submit it to the State Association. If the State Association cannot answer it, it will be referred to the Golf Australia Rules and Amateur Status Committee. If this Committee has a concern, it will then refer the matter to The R&A Rules Committee or Amateur Status Committee for an opinion. The Golf Australia Committee regularly reviews the Rules and Decisions and often refers suggested changes to The R&A. The Committee Chairman, John Hopkins, is a member of the Advisory Committees to both R&A Committees and attends at least one R&A meeting a year in the UK and officiates as a referee each year at the British Open. Rules duties at all Golf Australia championships, including the MFS Australian Open, are overseen by the Golf Australia Rules Committee with assistance from PGA Tour and state personnel.