Date: March 25, 2008

Golf Australia announces MFS parting

Golf Australia has announced it will part ways with MFS after a three-year relationship that saw the reinvigoration of the men&aposs Australian Open and the resurgence of the Women&aposs Australian Open. The ASX listed funds management company has been a great supporter of golf and provided outstanding service and presence throughout its tenure as naming rights sponsor of both events. Golf Australia CEO Tony Hallam said, There is a rich and esteemed history to the Opens and MFS should be proud of the key role they have played in revitalising these events and raising the profile of Australia s national championships. We thank them sincerely for their support.” Sponsorship opportunities now exist for companies to become involved as naming rights sponsor in the Australian Opens. “Golf Australia is committed to staging our national championships and we will be announcing dates and venues for the 2008 men&aposs and 2009 women&aposs Australian Opens in the coming weeks,” Hallam said.