Date: September 07, 2007

Golf Australia continues progressive approach

Melbourne: At a Special General Meeting, Golf Australia continued its reform process when its Council adopted a new constitution that will see it move to a company status. This move is consistent with the Australian Sports Commission Best Practice Guidelines. Also confirmed was that the current Interim Period will finish on February 1, 2008 and the first board elections under a new Company status will take place in November this year. Nominations will be distributed for the new Independent Board from late September. Commenting on the Interim Period, Golf Australia Chairman, Jerry Ellis, said he was happy with the progress to date, and the Council would now focus its energy to the transitional phase. Golf Australia has made very good progress during the Interim Period. We are now working towards the transition from the Interim Period to normal operation and it critical that this be done smoothly, without disruption. Constitutional development will continue long into the future of Golf Australia and we should not regard the adoption of the new constitution as an end game, just the next step in the development of this very new body, Golf Australia, concluded Mr Ellis. The move further modernises golf’s administration and is the next step in the evolution of the game s administration. Golf Australia was created when the former men’s body, the Australian Golf Union and the women’s body, Women’s Golf Australia, amalgamated to form Golf Australia in February 2006. This development is also consistent with Golf Australia s strategic purpose, to work in a commercial and inclusive manner to develop the game of golf and grow participation in all forms at all levels. Golf Australia s next administration focus is the election of a new board which will be announced at its Annual General Meeting in November 2007.