Date: September 01, 2008

Golf Australia Feature Hole

Golf Australia Feature Hole Almost a year ago, Golf Australia launched the popular Feature Hole section of our website. This section gave clubs the opportunity to send in a photo and information on the club&aposs signature hole and some background on its reputation. View the Feature Hole page Now we want to give you, the golfer, that opportunity. This your chance to take a photo and tell us about that par 5 monster that sends shivers down your spine or that tricky par 3 that you are always wary of. What we need: – A high quality (high resolution) photo of the hole – Some information about it: Which club, which state, what length, what par, what hazards and anything else you can think of. – Your clubhouse stories/records about the hole It&aposs your chance to be involved and tell everyone else about it. Email the information and photo to: Hamish Jones Communications Officer Golf Australia Email: