Date: July 18, 2019
Author: Golf Tas

Golf Australia-Tasmania Board Nominations Open

In accordance with the Golf Australia-Tasmania constitution, nominations are sought for the Board of Golf Tasmania Incorporated.

This year (2019), two positions on the Golf Australia-Tasmania Board are due for election. The elected term is for a three year period.

The two officials retiring their position are:

Tony Bush (re-elected in 2016)
Peter Bond (re-elected in 2016)

Golf Australia-Tasmania Board members currently constituted are:

Tony Bush (re-elected in 2016)
Peter Bond (re-elected in 2016)
Georgette Chilcott (re-elected in 2017)
John Milbourne (re-elected in 2017)
Beverley Holman (re-elected in 2018)
Chris Bell (re-elected in 2018)
Trevor Cordwell Secretary to the Board and Public Officer (appointed in 2017)

In accordance with Rule 25 if the number of nominations received is less than or equal to the number of vacancies the persons nominated are taken to be elected. Should the number of nominations received exceed the number of vacancies a postal ballot will be conducted in accordance with Rule 26.

A Board Nomination Form is included and must be returned to Golf Tasmania, along with a curriculum vitae, by the prescribed date. Nominees should include all information pertinent to the nomination as in the event of an election this will be sent to delegates to assist their decision making.

Nominations Close Friday 9th August 2019 at 5pm.

Nominations to:

Trevor Cordwell
Returning Officer
Golf Australia-Tasmania Inc.
PO Box 410