Date: November 03, 2006

Golf Australia tees off with a new look

Australian golf has a new look from today with Golf Australia launching its new brand and visual identity. Inspiring, challenging, inclusive, accessible, relaxed, honest and fun these are just some of the key words reflecting the new Golf Australia brand, declared Golf Australia CEO, Tony Hallam, as he unveiled the new Golf Australia logo. The new design incorporates the image of a golf ball and a map of Australia, symbolising Golf Australia s role as the game s national governing body. Following the amalgamation of the Australian Golf Union and Women’s Golf Australia in January, there has been a clear need for a new corporate logo and to define the Golf Australia brand, said Tony Hallam. Our new visual identity and branding strategy will appear on and influence all our communication materials. This will effectively contribute to communicating our brand vision, which is for Australians to look upon golf as a game for life, where participation in the game contributes to a healthy Australian community. In developing its new brand strategy, Golf Australia enlisted the services of leading brand strategists, The Gemba Group, while Richard Henderson and his team at R-Co provided the design for the new visual identity. Our creative consultants worked to a brief that sought the creation of a brand that would assist in revitalising the image of golf in Australia and stimulate renewed participation, interest and enthusiasm in the game, said Tony Hallam. In essence, the new brand seeks to inspire all future and current members of the Australian golfing community players, spectators, sponsors, clubs and service providers by connecting them with inspiring players and tournaments, inspiring golf courses, inspiring moments of personal golf achievement and through social interaction on a personal, family and corporate level. The new Golf Australia brand will reinforce public perception of Golf Australia as the main conduit to all such moments of inspiration. Our brand will evolve with the changing needs of the golf consumer as we aim to make golf accessible to people of all ages and abilities, added Hallam. In conjunction with the brand launch, Golf Australia has also released a redeveloped website at Developed by leading website provider, Sportal, the updated Golf Australia website incorporates the new visual identity and provides a much needed comprehensive first point of call for golf information. The website also provides an active channel of communication to connect players, officials, sponsors, spectators and golf industry bodies. The new visual identity and brand strategy will be rolled out across all Golf Australia communications from today. Golf Australia anticipates that the general public will quickly identify with the new branding; it will feature prominently during the 2006 MFS Australian Open from November 16 to 19 at The Royal Sydney Golf Club.