Date: November 30, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Golf Australia to house handicap functions


In a game-changing move for Australian golf, the commercial rights to Golf Link will return to the sport’s governing body.

From 1st April 2017 all Australian golf club members will check their handicap information and scoring history via the Golf Australia home page at

Golf Australia will continue using MPower MSL to service the Golf Australia Handicap System, and collaborate on enhancements to the online experience for Australian golfers.

The sophisticated system ensures the hundreds of thousands of golf members will continue to enjoy a world class online handicapping service and make golf stronger in Australia.

“It’s a significant occurrence for Golf Australia and golf in this country to regain the full rights to the Golf Link program,” GA chief executive Stephen Pitt said.

“We will be able to exert more influence on the service we provide to golfers and hopefully give them a great experience as they check movement in their handicap and playing results.

“It will strengthen our ability to invest in golf and help drive our important development programs such as MyGolf and Swing Fit.

“It will allow us to better communicate with golfers around the country and make golf stronger in Australia, so it’s a very important milestone.”