Date: August 02, 2007

Golf Australia to restructure Rules & Handicapping Committees

The Board of Golf Australia has confirmed that the Golf Australia Rules, Amateur Status, Handicapping & Course Rating Committee is to be restructured with two separate committees to be formed in its place – a Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Committee and a Handicapping & Course Rating Committee. It was decided that the move would provide for a greater level of specialised expertise in all subject areas amongst committee members and as a result, a higher level of excellence from Golf Australia. As the two sets of areas are essentially unrelated, it is unusual to find people who have a high level of expertise in both. This had the potential to result in compromise or for personnel to be across one area but not be able to contribute as fully as they may have wished to the other area. Golf Australia Board Member John Buckley will serve as the Chairman of both new entities and the PGA Tour of Australasia has been invited to be represented on the Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Committee. The new Committees are comprised of a mix of members of the previous Committee and personnel selected by the Board of Golf Australia from a high-quality field of applicants. Rules of Golf & Amateur Status Committee John Buckley (Chairman) Frank Gal Jenny Hoff John Hopkins Val Oswald Andrew Langford-Jones (PGA Tour of Australasia) Handicapping & Course Rating Committee John Buckley (Chairman) Joan Coles Murray Cropley Lynne Ritchie Barry Shepherd