Date: August 07, 2014

Golf Australia’s Insurance Project

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Player Insurance

From 1 July 2009, as a benefit of affiliation, all affiliated players are covered by the policy listed below.

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Optional policies for clubs to take out through Sportscover

Golf Australia has arranged member equipment and member injury policies as options for clubs to take out.

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In 2006 Golf Australia identified in its strategic planning process the need to review a player's risk exposure to the game. In 2007 a working subgroup of State Associaton reresentatives was created, following this a complete review of Golf Australia's own insurance arrangements was conducted. This process lead to a review into Player insurance coverage. The clubs were advised of the project in August 2007.

August 2007 Golf Australia Player Insurance Club advice(155 kb)

The results of the 2007 Insurance Survey may be viewed here –nal Liability wordingGolf Australia – Club Insurance Survey Results (2MB)

In September 2008, Golf Australia announced a new insurance partnership with Sportscover. To read more about that announcement, click here