Date: August 08, 2015

Golf Club Committee Role – Captain


The Club Captain is responsible for the organisation of play on the course and should be selected for his qualities of leadership and ability to uphold the rules and traditions of the game. He should be an experienced player (although not necessarily a champion player) who has a thorough knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

It is usual for the Captain to be Chairman of the Match Committee and the many and varied duties of this Committee are not limited to this. As Chairman of the Match Committee, the Captain is responsible for seeing that all of the obligations and requirements of the Match Committee are completed satisfactorily.

The Captain must also provide liaison between the Green and Match Committees to ensure that the course and out of bounds, margins of water hazards and lateral water hazards, ground under repair, obstructions and integral parts of the course are defined accurately.

The Captain would be involved in selection of teams to represent the club and accompany those teams when visiting other clubs. He would be present to ensure that visiting teams are welcomed at his own club and should assist the President with any entertaining.

The coaching of players for Pennant Teams and promotion of juniors are matters which should also receive his attention.

Basically, the Captain should deal with all matters in regard to play on the course and see that players are educated in respect of the rules of golf, local rules and etiquette.