Date: August 08, 2015

Golf Club Committee Role – Club General Manager


For the successful operation of a club it is essential that the person selected as Club Manager must have suitable qualifications and a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the position. It is a specialised occupation requiring many skills, some of which will have been developed as a result of a specific course of training, but in the main, experience and a common sense approach will be most important attributes.

In general terms, the Club Manager is required to administer and manage the club in accordance with the policy determined from time to time by the Board. The Board should provide advice and consultation to the Club Manager on matters affecting management of the club and it is wise policy to afford the Club Manager the opportunity to be heard on policy matters.

To operate successfully and effectively a Club Manager requires a breadth of knowledge and skills which cover the following matters:-

  • A strong background in financial control;
  • A knowledge of the various Government regulations and laws which are applicable to the industry. These would include:-
    • The Registered Clubs Act;
    • Corporations Law;
    • Industrial Arbitration Act;
    • Anti-Discrimination Act;
    • Work Health and Safety Act;
    • Awards affecting the various staff classifications;
    • WorkCover Insurance;
    • Group Tax;
    • Fringe Benefits Tax;
    • Superannuation Guarantee;
    • Training Guarantee;
    • Payroll Tax;
    • Privacy Act;
    • Child Protection Act.
  • A thorough understanding of bar and dining room operations, stock control, ordering procedures and security of goods received;
  • Handle all staff matters including effective rostering procedures, time management, employee meetings, industrial relations, discipline, staff welfare and appropriate training courses;
  • Develop a good relationship with media, local Council representatives, the club's banker and representatives of other local community organisations;
  • Development of a mutual respect and sound relationship with the members of the club is a most important aspect of the position. Wherever possible, address the member and guests by name and adopt a firm but polite manner when ensuring that the club's rules as laid down by the Board are adhered to by members;
  • Acquire a first-rate knowledge of the game of golf and the rules and regulations which apply to various types of competitions, handicapping and other related matters.

The Club Manager should be able to guide and assist the Board in the development and formulation of club policies in relation to short-term and long-term projects. The person in this position will work with the various subcommittees in developing and carrying out programmes of the club's activities which have been approved by the Board. The Secretary-Manager will be responsible to the Board through the President.

In summary, the Club Manager needs to be a manager, public relations tactician, diplomat, innkeeper and restaurateur as well as have knowledge in a number of aspects of the law. Patience, understanding and tolerance are necessary qualities. However, clubs should seek to have a person who, above all else, is honest, truthful and trustworthy in this important but exacting position.