Date: August 08, 2015

Golf Club Committee Role – House Committee


The House Committee is responsible for all that happens within the clubhouse, including the following items:

  • The appointment of all rooms, verandahs and offices of the clubhouse for use of members, exclusively or otherwise of members and their visitors;
  • Arranging the provision of meals and refreshments including liquor and the supply of such other articles as the Board of the club shall from time to time approve;
  • Control and regulate all matters relating to the sale and purchase of liquor;
  • Supervise and control the caterers, stewards and (via the Club Manager) other domestic indoor employees of the club;
  • Control & regulate matters relating to sale, purchase and operation of gaming devices;
  • Act within the clubhouse in all matters relating to good order, conduct and mode of dress of all persons using the clubhouse, and to draw up from time to time for the approval of the Board, rules relating to such matters;
  • To receive and deal with all complaints relating to matters within the clubhouse;
  • If no special social committee is appointed, the House Committee would be required to organise, arrange and conduct all social functions approved by the Board;
  • To ensure that the premises are maintained in a clean condition and that the appointments are kept to the standard expected by the members;
  • To investigate, plan and obtain estimates in relation to all matters concerning extensions, additions or alterations to the clubhouse or other ancillary buildings.