Date: August 08, 2015

Golf Club Committee Role – Junior Committee


Juniors are the future life-blood of a club. A responsible Junior Promotions Officer (JPO) and Junior Committee will ensure that all members of this Committee have been screened under the Child Protection Act legislation.

A Junior Committee should be formed to ensure that plans are in place that not only attract new younger members to the club, but also provide sufficient stimulus for existing juniors to continue to renew their memberships.

The attraction of new juniors will require consideration as to how the club will promote its availability. A club may plan some Saturday or Sunday junior clinics and promote these by way of local newspapers, posters, local radio etc.

Many young people should be interested in a free opportunity to learn about the game of golf. Retention of juniors is equally important and the Junior Committee should have plans in place to provide interest, variety and entertainment for its junior members.

Some clubs are in the fortunate situation of being able to provide a Juniors Room. While it may be argued that separate facilities don‘t always help with compatibility of membership, the opportunity to allow juniors to use some club facilities without the need to be concerned over the consequences of the Liquor and Gaming Acts can certainly be seen as favourable.

Usually, clubs that have a good number of junior members continue to build their junior memberships. This is natural as new juniors will be attracted to clubs where it is obvious younger members are encouraged to join and that there are clear programmes in place to provide clinics and on-going development at reasonable costs.

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