Date: April 18, 2011

Golf Foundation Supports Susan Nelson Attend Amputee Golf Tournaments

The NSW Golf Foundation presented Susan Nelson with $1000 to enable her to attend the Amputee Championships. It is great to hear back from our grant recipients on how our grants have helped them. We recently received a letter from Susan who updated us on how she went at the recent Queensland and Australian Open Amputee Championships. Congratulations Susan…and good luck with your future events! Letter from Susan Nelson 18th April 2011 Having just returned from Queensland after competing in the Queensland Open Amputee Championships and Australian Open Amputee Championships, I thought perhaps you might like to hear the results!! Sadly I missed out on both the Championships but was Nett winner for the Queensland event as well as the Australian. The Queensland was played at Robina Woods Course…an experience I can tell you. The course was very beautiful but heavy as it had rained incessantly a few days before and it was very hilly. Sound like an excuse? No because we all had to play the same course and leg amputees do find the hilly stances very difficult. The Australian was played at the Glades, much easier course and I was 7 strokes ahead after the second day, but got the yips on the last day and was beaten by 8 strokes!! Had a great time and the amputee golfers are such a great group, the friendship is remarkable amongst the group and we only see each other two or three times a year so have a lot to catch up on. I have enclosed some photographs you might be interested in with explanations on the back. We had golfers attending from NZ, SA, WA, Vic, Qld, and NSW. NSW won the State of Origin cup and as well as the major winners were all from NSW. Please pass on my thanks to NSW Golf Foundation for their generous support. I have your details to our President so you may well have some more applications before long. There will also be an article in Golf Digest shortly (no sure which edition) about the tournaments so perhaps you can look out for that. Again my grateful thanks Kind regards Susan Nelson