Date: August 05, 2014
Author: National Sport Inclusion Alliance

Golf joins National Inclusion Alliance

Golf Australia has joined the list of eight National Sport Organisations officially signed up to the National Sport Inclusion Alliance, with the most recent recruits being Badminton Australia, Tennis Australia and Golf Australia.

This growing membership base demonstrates a clear recognition by the Australian sports sector that the NSIA has a vital role to play in the development of inclusion in all levels of sport.

NSIA Member Organisations

Golf Australia

Swimming Australia

Tennis Australia

Bowls Australia

Badminton Australia

Softball Australia

Table Tennis Australia

Ten Pin Bowling Australia


Golf Australia


Goal: Ensure inclusive practices are incorporated in to all national participation programs.


Golf Australia CEO Stephen Pitt said “We are heavily focused on inclusion in golf and making the game more accessible to everyone in the community. Our alignment with the National Sport Inclusion Alliance is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate some of the great work that has already been happening in our industry and learn new approaches to inclusion from other national sporting organisations.”