Date: September 15, 2016
Author: Golf Australia

Golf Month video one; Meet Bianca & Nick

It’s no secret that golf courses can be some of the most relaxing places to spend time and unwind.  They offer peace, tranquility and beautiful natural surroundings. In the lead up to Golf Month this October, we found a duo who have made it their mission to find some of the best in Australia!

Meet Bianca and Nick.

For this young couple, golf is an escape from their day-to-day lives and a way to discover new places around Australia.

“Nick and I have done quite a few day trips and weekends away together, and golf has been a huge driving factor for that.” says Bianca.

When it comes to the golf itself though, they are no different to the rest of us – we all crave that perfectly-struck shot. 

In Nick’s words “It’s the joy of hitting that really good shot right out the middle of the bat – there’s no better feeling.”

Not every shot is perfect, but Bianca says when it gels, there is nothing she’d rather be doing.

“I have those times where I feel like putting the clubs away for a couple of weeks, to get away from it, but when I come back it’s just so good. I remember why I play – to hit shots like these!”

You’ve heard what drives Bianca and Nick, now it’s your turn. 

We want to know what drives your passion for the sport, so we’re giving away a Cobra King F6 every week in October to persuade you to share your story! 

Simply write a post or post a photo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #whatdrivesyou and #GolfMonth to be eligible to win.

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