Date: April 18, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

Golf NSW appoints new Participation Officer

Golf NSW has appointed Mr Lachlan Eldridge as a Participation Officer.

Mr Eldridge, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Physical and Health Education from the Australian College of Physical Education, brings a background in coaching and development roles in Cricket throughout the Hawkesbury region to Golf NSW.

A competitive sportsman, Mr Eldridge has played Australian Rules Football and Soccer. He has also spent time playing league cricket in the United Kingdom. He describes himself as a 'keen golfer who can maintain a handicap in the high single figures'.

"Being new to the role, I see incredible scope for improving participation in the sport through schools, working with Golf Australia and many of their programs, also with seniors in our community,"

"I hope I can work towards reducing the barriers there are to playing golf. Changing the stereotypes, altering the perception of the sport amongst the general public,"

"We can hopefully get it to a model where the game is enjoyed by all," he said.

Mr Eldridge believes his love of sport and experience in coaching and participation programs will help the sport to grow across NSW.

"My philosophy is to enjoy the game. I'm competitive, but it's not the be-all and end-all for me. Hopefully, there's some synergy there," he smiled.