Date: February 25, 2016
Author: Dave Tease, Golf NSW

Golf NSW Buddy Club program an Ace

The Golf NSW Buddy Club Program is proving to be an ace with clubs across NSW.

Oatlands and Oberon Golf Club have created healthy relationship that has seen a couple of visits from administration and officials which have been a wonderful experience for all.

“The Buddy Program with Oatlands has been a fantastic success.”

“We have discussed a lot of relevant issues, including financials and  planning,” says Sean Mooney Secretary of Oberon Golf Club. “Even the recruitment of our new Green Keeper.”

In late January the Oatlands crew headed over the mountain to Oberon. Barnaby Sumner, Steve Younan, David Ecob and Paul Molan (Head Chef), held some golf clinics, made some great meals, swapped a few great stories and had a game of golf.

This Friday, a group of ladies from Oberon are heading down to Oatlands for a lesson and a game. 

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“From our perspective, the initiative has been a great result for Oberon, and hopefully Oatlands,”  Mr Mooney said.

The Buddy Club initiative is truly a state-wide endeavor. Coraki Golf Club needed Some help with their constitution, and Buddy Club Partner, Strathfield Golf Club were only too pleased to help.

“We needed to know how other clubs proceeded with constitution changes,” Peter Cordery, Secretary of Coraki Golf Club said. “I emailed Neil Hardy at our 'Big' Buddy Club, Strathfield Golf Club, and he provided advice and examples of documentation used at SGC to effect changes.”

The response was fast, and the content was very useful.

“We really appreciated it. It’s a great example of the value of the Buddy Club initiative,” said Mr Cordery.

Round two of the Buddy Club Program is about to get underway.

“This is an initiative that is proving successful to those who took part in the program in the first round,” Stuart Fraser, CEO of Golf NSW said. “The program will continue to build and help grow and develop Golf Clubs across NSW.”

“I am encouraging Clubs of all sizes to get involved and help develop the health of the game and golf clubs across NSW,” Mr Fraser said.