Date: May 22, 2014

Golf NSW High Performance 2014

National Squad Members' Cameron Davis (Monash) and Shelly Shin (Concord) have been announced as members of the NSW High Performance Program, alongside Doey Choi (Concord), Elizabeth Elmassian (The Australian), Jordan Zunic (Bonnie Doon) and Blake Windred (Monash).

This program forms a part of the pathway for players who have been targeted as having the potential to be internationally successful golfers.

These six players have been invited to attend the State Camp at Riverside Oaks on June 12 and 13, where Australia's leading golf service providers will be present to assess these six players along with Rikcy Kato, Dale Brandt-Richards, Troy Moses, Travis Smyth and Harrison Endycott.

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The State HP Program has three roles:

(1)    Supporting the players who are still part of the pathway and in GA Squads;
Supporting and monitoring junior and senior GA squad members from NSW and elite NSW squad members who are just below the national squad level and are indicating they will become national squad members. 
(2)    Keeping players on the pathway by providing opportunity and educationand resources.
(3)    Providing a larger pool of ‘educated’ players at the underpinning / feeder (10-14 yr. olds) level of the pathway. 


–        More individualised monitoring

–        Additional playing opportunities

–        Additional support to see Service Providers


Golf NSW Resources:

High Performance Program Manager – Dean Kinney

–        Provides Technical / Teaching skills, and an overall understanding of the role the various service providers play in the HP environment. 

–        Liaises with the player’s own Teaching Professional and with the team of Service Providers.

–        Identifies those “just below” the National Squad (in consultation with Selectors, Match Committee and GM-Golf) and monitors these and the GA Squad members. 

High Performance Service Providers – identified Teaching Professionals, Physiotherapists, Strength and Conditioning, Psychology, Biomechanics, Nutrition etc  These providers are accountable and advise  the HP Program Manager on the players’ progress.

Selection Criteria – Golf NSW has the experts to identify the players with the potential to go to the next level.  The advice and expertise of these individuals, including service providers and selectors have been utilised in selecting the players for this year’s program.


JNJG are providing generalised programs for those under 18 years of age to provide an understanding of what it takes to be an elite player

–        Seminars and group get togethers with Service Providers

–        Some individually tailored programs for identified talent

–        Ensuring that those who reach the next level of the pathway are fully conversant with the requirements and work ethic required to continue with their development progression

–        Education of parents

–        Monitor environment / performance of Regional Academies and District Programs


Other players have been identified as being capable of being considered in the future and will be provided with access to Shots to Hole (an online tool for recording statistical data on performance, which also allows the HP Manager to track the players) and will also be invited to quarterly Camps where they will be tested and have opportunity to discuss their progress with National and State Service Providers.  These players may also receive opportunities to attend events from time to time as they arise, or may be provided with specific targeted assistance.


For future years, applications for the program will be invited from players in August who will be required to attend an interview pre-November to discuss their plans and assist in ascertaining their suitability for the Programs.