Date: January 06, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

Golf NSW Jean Derrin Trophy

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The Jean Derrin Trophy is open to female amateur golfers who hold a current Australian or overseas equivalent handicap, and who have a handicap of 14 and under. PLEASE NOTE: Players are no longer required to register with Golf NSW to participate. Players results will automatically be added to the Jean Derrin averages table after they participate in their first Jean Derrin event for the year. The Jean Derrin Trophy runs for 12-months, throughout the calendar year. 

Jean Derrin events (see attached calendar) are run by the individual host clubs. Clubs may apply to host a Jean Derrin event by contacting Golf NSW. Clubs who host these events must meet the minimum requirements and be approved by Golf NSW. National Trial Events are also included on the list of counting events.




The winner of the Jean Derrin Trophy will be the player who has the lowest scoring average for the season and has played a minimum of 10 rounds in nominated Jean Derrin events.

PLEASE NOTE: Jean Derrin averages show all competitors, regardless of playing the required amount of rounds for qualification.