Date: April 29, 2014

Golf NSW OneGolf Management System

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Golf NSW is delighted to announce a new initiative developed in conjunction with MiClub that has been specifically designed to assist clubs ranging from 30 – 600 members in their golfing operations.

The initial setup fee is $500 but in a gesture of support Golf NSW is offering to pay 50% of the setup fee to the first 80 clubs that apply.

There is also an annual fee of $5 + gst per member, capped at $3000 per club.

Golf NSW is aware of the many club administration challenges faced by regional and smaller clubs, in particular the reliance on volunteers, minimum staff and minimal operating budgets and we believe that OneGolf will be of considerable benefit to such clubs.

OneGolf is a fully automated Golf Management solution that provides features and efficiencies found at the larger golf clubs. These features include:-

  • On line time sheets
  • Easy score input
  • Tier 3 Golflink integration
  • Automatically generated results
  • Live Fixture books – no more need to print hard copies
  • Member contact details – the ability to build a simple member database
  • Clubs can also opt for member score entry through provision of a touch screen
  • Live news from Golf NSW
  • Meeting the handicap changes requirements


The pricing of golf software that provides these features together with a range of other functions can run into many thousands of dollars in set up alone plus annual service commitments.

Recently launched in WA, there has been strong interest in the new golf management system. Secret Harbour Golf Club Captain, Mark Bill, writes in a testimonial to MiClub:

“I am writing to you as a representative of Secret Harbour Golf Club in relation to the new One Golf system we have purchased in the last 3 months. Firstly let me congratulate your company and GolfWA for introducing a golf management system that is both affordable and practical for small clubs and social clubs. The golf management system is very simple to use and our members have embraced it fully in a lot shorter time than I anticipated and they all have high praise for it. From an administrative point of view it has saved me a lot of time in processing competitions as I do not have to take all cards home and spend up to 2 hours processing them.

“I would also like to congratulate your staff who put together the online manuals and video demonstrations as they were very helpful to myself in learning how to operate the system not being super computer literate. I found them very easy to use and to teach others how to operate the system as well. So all in all we are extremely happy with the system and would recommend it to any other golf clubs that are interested. If I can help in any way to promote the product don't hesitate to ask as I would be only too happy to help. Thank you again.”


Below is a brochure outlining further features and benefits of OneGolf. Please do not hesitate to contact Golf NSW on 02 9505 9105 and speak to Graeme Phillipson if you would like to accept our offer or if you have any queries.