Date: September 01, 2015
Author: Golf NSW

Golf NSW Partner with Precision Athletica

Precision Athletica

Golf NSW are thrilled to announce they have partnered with Precision Athletica. From September, the partnership will see Precision Athletica offer Golf NSW's high performance athletes with the support and tools they need to take their athletic performance to the next level.

Pete Magner, Founder and CEO of Precision Athletica says, "It's exciting to have the opportunity to work with the Golf NSW high performance group. We will be taking these athletes through our Silver Evaluation, setting up their training plan for the year based around their tournament schedule, and offering physiotherapy and exercise physiology services, to systematically improve the foundations of their overall performance. We'll be working closely with Dean Kinney, NSW National Coach and Chris Smith, Strength & Conditioning Coach.

"These assessments will enable our expert team to identify areas of weakness and to put in place strategies for each athlete to achieve their peak performance,” said Pete.

Precision Ahtletica's Sports Physiotherapist, Matt Green, will also be accompanying these athletes on their National High Performance Camp in Coffs Harbour this month.

Graeme Phillipson, General Manager of Golf NSW says, "It is exciting that these athletes now have the opportunity of working together as a team in a state of the art training environment, while being overseen by the Precision Athletica team."

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