Date: November 27, 2017
Author: Golf NSW

Golf NSW to partner with Worrells

Golf NSW is thrilled to announce a one year strategic alliance with major accountancy and solvency firm, Worrells.

The partnership is an initiative that will help affiliated clubs across the state who are struggling financially by providing them with expertise in restructuring their business models.

Golf NSW CEO Stuart Fraser was delighted to announce the agreement with Worrells.

“Many clubs across NSW will benefit from the package of service Worrells will provide. These include financial health checks, education for club directors and staff, as well as the firm’s regular services.” Mr Fraser said.

Worrells partner Graeme Beattie said “we are grateful for the warm welcome we have received from the Golf NSW executive and their staff. We foresee this partnership to be a mutually beneficial one and look forward to working closely with the Golf NSW team over the coming year.”

“We hope the Golf NSW and its members will leverage off of our 44 years of industry experience, innovative approach to business solutions and proprietary technology.”

Worrells is a firm dedicated to solvency management, insolvency administration and forensic investigation. We use plain talk, we give straight answers and we get fast results. Worrells has 26 Partners in 23 locations across NSW, ACT, Vic, QLD, SA, and WA. Its partners meet with advisors and business owners/individuals every day in complimentary consultations, to give unbiased advice and solutions to corporate and personal insolvency matters.