Date: January 31, 2014
Author: Golf NSW

Golf NSW welcomes its new Committees for 2014

The Golf NSW Board would like to welcome its new Committees for 2014. Golf NSW sought “Expressions of Interest” from all golf club members in October last year to assist with the operations of Golf NSW, as we embark on significant change in the administration of the game. Congratulations to the following members on their appointments:

Finance, Audit & Risk

Governance & Planning

Handicapping & Course Rating



Andrew Tharle (Chair) Alan Harrison John Robinson Sue Fabian Sue Fabian (Chair) Alan Harrison Other members to be advised Lynne Ritchie (Chair) John Locke John Miller Brian Lanz Jann Pearson Olwyn Johnstone Colin Kaye Alan Harrison (Chair) Sue Fabian Les Browne Rhonda Magner Andrew Robb Lynne Robson Robert Scott Sharon Thompson Frank Gal (Chair) John Robinson Michael Palmer David Shannon Moya Shepherd Judy Haddrick

The Chairman Chris Allen and Deputy Chairman Sue Fabian are ex officio members of all Committees. You will notice that the Men&aposs and Women&aposs Match Committees have been amalgamated, and in addition there is a new Governance and Planning Committee, which will oversee the progression of the recommendations from the Governance and Structural Review which was completed in 2013. The new Committees will be more strategic planning focused with the aim to develop the game for golfers of all ages and abilities. We are pleased that representatives from across NSW, including Metropolitan and Country regions, have been nominated. The Committee will meet three to four times a year at the Golf NSW Office. They will address the following key areas:

  • Golf NSW Events
  • High Performance
  • Rules and Amateur Status
  • Handicapping and Course Rating
  • Club Support
  • Game Development and Promotion
  • State Representative Teams / Selectors
  • Sponsorship
  • Communications and I.T.

This year is certainly shaping up to be another busy one, and we look forward to working with our members to help make 2014 a success.