Date: April 07, 2016
Author: Golf Queensland

Golf Queensland join national website platform

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Golf Queensland will move to the Golf Australia website and content sharing platform in a digital revamp this year.

The project, already under way, will deliver mobile, tablet and PC-friendly sites for Golf Queensland (, Junior Golf Queensland (, the Queensland Golf Foundation ( and the Queensland Open. 

The decision continues the trend of other states and territories, namely Golf Victoria, Golf New South Wales, Golf South Australia, Golf Tasmania and Golf Northern Territory, to join the network and work collaboratively to grow the game.

Content from each platform stakeholder is available to others to push through their local channels should it be deemed appropriate. This not only increases the volume and diversity of content distributed nationally, but saves administrators time by eradicating duplication.

Golf Queensland chief executive Lindsay Ellis said the benefits of the platform made the choice an easy one.

“The ability to utilise content generated by Golf Australia and other states will enrich our news content and we’re excited to showcase our own local content on a national scale,” he said.

“We are also very excited to have a dedicated site for our growing our state’s Open championship.”

Golf Australia’s head of media and digital John Sutherland was thrilled to have Queensland join the platform.

“Tapping into the national pool of 10 or so stories a day will make the Golf Queensland sites richer and more visited destinations,” Mr Sutherland said.

“Everyone continuing to work together for the good of the game in the media space is great to see and beneficial to players, sponsors and golf fans in general.”