Date: August 07, 2007

Golf Queensland open for business

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MEDIA RELEASE: Golf Queensland

The amalgamation of the Queensland Golf Union and Women's Golf Queensland is now fully complete and the Board is pleased to announce that Tom Crothers will be the inaugural President of the new entity.

The Board, which comprises Tom Crothers, Carmel Smith, Peter Castrisos, Tricia Harding, Val Johnston and Barry Shepherd, is also pleased to announce that Carmel Smith will be the Vice President.

The announcement of these office holders for Golf Queensland, comes on the back of advice earlier today that the new entity has been registered by ASIC and is ready to commence trading.

Tom Crothers said he was proud to be the inaugural President of Golf Queensland and that he was looking forward to working with the new Board.

"It's an exciting time for golf in Queensland. I'm very pleased with the structure that we have adopted and I think it puts us in a good position to make a positive impact on the sport and its clubs and districts," Crothers said.

"The Board has met unofficially as a group once and there was a really constructive focus on the major issues facing the new body. I am sure it is going to be a very cohesive and effective Board for taking golf forward in Queensland."

Golf Queensland's first official Board meeting will be later this week and will consider issues such as board priorities and the strategic plan, Independent Directors, Committees, the GQ Council, and the Golf Australia Constitutional Review.

Vice President Carmel Smith said she was looking forward to knuckling down to the job ahead.

"The amalgamation is a real positive for golf. It's something that probably should have been done earlier," Smith said.

"I'm glad I am part of it because it is a new organisation and that gives us the chance to set the direction we want to go and then pursue goals like growing participation in our great game."

The finalisation of the registration was the final step in the process and followed on from the vote taken by the members of WGQ and the QGU in March and the receipt of all necessary documentation from the new member districts of Golf Queensland.

For any further information please contact Stephen Pitt on 08 3252 8155