Date: July 17, 2018
Author: Christian Puccini

Golf SA Development visits to Riverland District

The Golf SA District – ‘Schools & Club visits program’ has continued into the Riverland District with Golf SA (in conjunction with the District) arranging visit schedules to various regional primary schools and clubs across the district.

Golf SA funds the program and delivers the sessions ourself or contracts a team of coaches to deliver MyGolf sessions at schools during the day and then at the local golf club each afternoon/evening for further sessions for the new and improving golfer.

Golf SA Development Coach Allan Telford, accompanied by Community Golf Instructor Oscar Moss, have just completed a week-long trip to the Riverland, visiting eleven schools and two clubs in the District, with Golf SA introducing over 448 students to golf at schools across the five-day program.

Waikerie Lutheran School 180km North East of Adelaide was the first stop of the trip on Monday 25 June, with 38 students from years 5-7 learning the fundamentals of the game on the school oval. Later in the afternoon a small group of students visited the local Waikerie Golf Club for some further coaching.

On day two, Golf SA headed to Monash PS and conducted sessions for two classes with 51 students having a great time working on their skills. The team then headed to Barmera Primary School next door to the golf club to see 43 students. The final school visit for the day was to St Joseph’s Barmera where 38 students had a heap of fun learning golf.

Day two concluded with a Come n Try session for seven women and a junior at Barmera Golf Club.

Wednesday started with a school session for 13 students from Glossop Primary School, then a stop at Our Lady River School where 40 students had a great time working on their skills.

An early morning visit to Renmark PS was scheduled for Thursday, with 43 students having a blast. Then a whopping 67 students from St Joseph’s Renmark 260km from Adelaide, were taught grip, aim, stance and swing.

Three schools were visited on the final day in Loxton with all classes and teachers fully engaged in the sessions. Loxton PS was first up with 49 students thoroughly enjoying the one-hour class. 19 students from St. Albert’s Catholic school enjoyed their sessions followed by 47 students from Loxton Lutheran.

“The schools were very supportive and appreciative of us coming to visit and conducting the in school sessions.” said Golf SA’s Allan Telford.

“The students were very engaged and a lot of the schools are actually very close to the golf club so we are trying to build the connection between the schools and club, the community connection”

“The sessions we hold are really a taster for the students to then encourage them to come out and play in the SAPSASA qualifying event held next month. “ Telford added.

On top of the school visits, each club visited was left with a range of game development opportunities they can pursue to continue to drive participation and development of golf in their region.

The SA Primary School Golf Event, Riverland Regional Qualifying day, will be held on Sunday 5 August at Berri Golf Club. Eligible Studentsare those that are in years 5, 6 & 7 of school in 2018 (in the Riverland zone) with competent golfing skills. Students who are 10 years of age in year 4 and show competent golfing skills are welcome to play. A golf handicap is not required.

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