Date: April 13, 2018
Author: Christian Puccini

Golf SA Development visits to South East Schools

The Golf SA District – ‘Schools & Club visits program’ has continued in the South East with PGA Professional Gavin Fontaine completing a week-long trip (Wed 4 – Wed 11 April) to the South East District, visiting 16 schools delivering to 521 students and holding Come n Try sessions at 6 local clubs.

The Golf SA District – ‘Schools & Club visits program requires Golf SA (in conjunction with Districts) to arrange visit schedules to various regional schools during the day and then at the local club each afternoon/evening.

Golf SA funds the program contracting a team of coaches to deliver MyGolf sessions in primary schools across the state, to introduce juniors to the game.

On the first day of the trip Gavin visited Tintinara School, 190km SE of Adelaide, conducting two MyGolf sessions, a clinic for 26 students from years 4-7 and a clinic for 15 students from years 8-10.

Keith PS was next, with Gavin conducting two sessions with 50 students from years 6 and 7 learning the basics of golf. The school sessions where followed with a visit to Keith Golf Club for a Come n Try session for a dozen juniors and adults.

On Day two Gavin visited Bordertown Primary School and saw 45 students in years 5-7 over three sessions. Mundulla Primary School was next with 27 students involved, showing a high level of interest in golf. The day concluded with a Come n Try at Bordertown Golf Club with 18 players participating, half were juniors.

On Thursday, 24 year 6-7 students were introduced to golf at Lucindale Area School, followed by 20 students at Naracoorte PS.  

A class of 20 students from years 4-7 at Frances PS where next to experience golf, with the class thoroughly enjoying the session.

24 students from Sunrise Christian Primary School were next to learn grip, aim, stance and swing, before a session was held at Naracoorte Golf Club in the late afternoon.

On the weekend the PGA professional worked with a group of District Development squad players on alignment, pre shot routines and individual improvements while academy players worked on pre shot routines, visualisation and course management.

Monday was a busy day with Penola Primary School next on the visit schedule, with Gavin holding two MyGolf sessions for 50 students from years 5-7’s. Mary MacKillop Primary School was next with 15 students having a heap of fun.

Mount Burr Primary School about 50 km north-east of Mount Gambier, was the final school session for the day, with 24 children from years 2-7 being taught the fundamentals of the game.

A visit to Millicent Golf Club concluded the busy day with 14 attending the Come n Try including 7 students who experienced golf earlier in the day.

On Tuesday 10 April Gavin visited three schools, the first Millicent North Primary School with 48 students from years 5-7 participating in two sessions. Newberry Park PS was next and a further 40 students from years 4-7 gained a golfing experience.

The final school of the day was Beachport PS, where the 25 students enjoyed the double session conducted by Gavin. A Come n Try was held at Beachport Golf Club Tuesday afternoon.

On the sixth and final day of school visits, Gavin visited two schools, Robe PS and Kingston Area School. At Robe 48 students from years 5-7 received a MyGolf schools session while at Kingston a talented group of 40 students from year 5-7 over two classes, had a great time working on their skills.

11 attended the Come n Try at Kingston Golf Club to conclude the South East District Club and Schools visit schedule for 2018.

Each club visited was left with a range of game development opportunities it can pursue, to continue to drive participation and development of golf in their region.