Date: December 20, 2017
Author: Christian Puccini

Golf SA new website launched

Golf SA has taken the positive step in transitioning its web presence, in under a Golf Australia umbrella, with the aim to declutter and centralise the game for South Australian customers online.

Golf SA will continue to promote

Since the acquisition of Golf Link, Golf Australia's website receives roughly 35,000 visitors a day, which is in top 20 sports websites in Australia.

“About 3,500 of those visitors are South Australian golf club members”, said Golf Australia Digital Director John Sutherland.

“Australian golf, particularly the govering bodies, currently have too many things in the digital marketplace which confuses its customers.

"Where do I find something?" is a common question. The answer has always been "in many different locations". There is no one-stop shop.

“With handicap look-up as the backbone, is now the logical destination for golf's one-stop shop to grow from similar to what our competition like cricket and the AFL already have in place.” said Sutherland.

“To bring the Golf South Australia brand to where thier customers already are and have it as a section on the Golf Australia website, rather than a separate stand-alone site, is common sense.” Sutherland added.

Golf Australia are currently moving as many industry properties as they can across in the same fashion. The Emirates Australian Open website, the Golf Month website, Swing Fit website, and the Golf Tasmania website are all already part of

“I’m extremely pleased with the outcome” said Christian Puccini, Communications and Development Manager at Golf SA.

“We’ve been on the same platform for some time, having access to GA news articles written by GA staff and associates from around the globe, with the ability to also ask GA to share SA news content nationally, which is significant and this should only increase".

“Being fully integrated now with Golf Australia really is a no-brainer, it was a very important step to take, but it was consumer driven” Puccini said.

Golf Australia branding will appear at the top of the Golf SA homepage – where national content is accessible. Importantly for users, the handicap look-up function is available at the top of the page.

Another key feature on the homepage is the club search functionality for visitors to find any golf course across South Australia.

The new Golf SA website is also mobile friendly.

The most visited sections of the Golf SA website include the Events section and News and these remain a key feature of the new website.

The Club Support tab has been included which provides information on the range of resources available to clubs.

The Play and Learn section includes information on how to get started in the game and under the Clubs and Districts tab each of our 8 Country Districts have their own Info pages, Event Calendars and Club Listings.