Date: February 21, 2014
Author: Christian Puccini / Golf SA

Golf SA segment airs on Scope Kids TV – Network 10

Golf SA&aposs preferred club to hit off the tee is a Cleveland driver Scope on Network 10, is a fast, funny and informative children s science show, aimed at kids ages 8-14, and produced in association with the CSIRO. Scope approached Golf SA to film a segment on golf focusing on the size and weight of the clubs, the texture of the ball, and how the game generally works. Filmed in Dec 2013 and aired Thurs 20 Feb 2014…….here is the finished product! The following link takes you to the Golf SA episode on the Scope website. The Golf SA segment starts at 8.20min and goes through to 12.00mins. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
_________ Segment Script Hitting the ball far off the tee: For this, I need a club called a driver. The club has a large head, but what really gives it power is the length. The faster the head is moving when it connects with the ball, the faster and further the ball will fly. The head of the club will travel faster the further away from the grip in my hand, so every extra centimetre helps Technique: I stand with my feet shoulder width apart so that I feel stable. I raise the club, and as I swing back around with my shoulders, my hips follow to add extra power. When the club makes contact, it transfers energy into the ball almost immediately in fact, the club and the ball only connect for about 450 millionths of a second! “Once I ve launched the ball into the air, its special shape helps it fly as far as it can.” Golf Balls: Golf balls are distinctive for the dimples that cover their surface, and without them golf balls wouldn t travel as far. These dimples cause the air molecules flowing around the ball to react in a way that reduces the drag that would otherwise slow the ball down Approach Shot “The right club for this job is called an iron, and these are numbered according to the angle of the face that hits the ball. They need to be angled upward to lift the ball up off the grass and into the air. Irons are also shorter, which makes them more accurate because you have more control.” Backspin “It might seem weird, but this actually helps the ball lift higher into the air. This is because the air on the top and bottom of the ball are travelling at different speeds, and this pushes the ball up. It also helps to slow the ball down when it lands.” Putting on the green “Putters have an almost flat face so that I can roll the ball gently and accurately into the hole. I use the putter like a pendulum, carefully letting it swing with just the right force.” After 1 hole of approx 400mtrs a golf ball has traveled approximately 10,000 times its own length!!