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Golf Society of Australia

The Golf Society of Australia was formed in 1982 to research and preserve the history of golf in Australia and assists Golf Australia by managing its Museum and Library collection. Other activities of the Society include the collection and recording of the history of Australian golf, hosting &aposhickory&apos and other golf days, a program of dinners with guest speakers, hosting a Golf Club Historians networking group, and publication of a quarterly newsletter &aposThe Long Game&apos. Visit the Golf Society of Australia Library webpage Items from the Golf Australia Museum are displayed at: The National Sports Museum Gate 3, Olympic Stand, Melbourne Cricket Ground Jolimont St,, Jolimont VIC 3002 (03) 9657 8879 The Clubhouse – Moonah Links Peter Thomson Drive off Truemans Road, Fingal (on the Mornington Peninsula) Ph: 03 5988 2000 open Clubhouse hours Enquiries: Honorary Secretary Golf Society of Australia Inc C/O Golf Australia Level 3, 95 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205 Ph: 03 9626 5050 Some of the clubs in the Museum: Clubs used by Louis A Whyte, first Australian Amateur Champion (1894) in canvas bag with wood &aposcarry stand&apos Clubs used by Warren Bennett, 100th Australian Amateur Champion in 1994 Club used by P C Anderson, winner of British Amateur Championship 1893 Clubs used by Doug Bachli, the only Australian to date to win the British Amateur Championship, 1954 Putter used by Peter Thomson in 1956 British Open Driver used by David Graham to win the US Open in 1981 Pitching wedge used by Kel Nagle in Centenary British Open in 1960 Sand iron used by Greg Norman in British Open 1986 Set of irons used by Ossie Pickworth, four-time winner of Australian Open Driver used by Betty Kernot to win the Australian Ladies&apos Amateur Championship 1937 & 1938 Clubs used by Lindy Goggin, Australian Ladies&apos Amateur Champion 1971, 1977 & 1980 Other items in the Collection: Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Captain&aposs Jacket and medal AGU trophies and &apospresentation&apos items Trophies won by Harry Williams, W A Higgins, Alf & Peter Toogood, Mona Macleod, Judith Percy and others Selection of golf club making equipment the Moncur Collection – series of films of golf in Australia in 1950&aposs and 1960&aposs Don Lawrence Collection – scrapbooks, photographs and press-related material The Library collection includes books on tuition, biographies & autobiographies, club histories, handbooks and bound series of Australian golf publications Items sought for the Museum: Clubs – range of styles and types over time, including those significant for their style, maker or use, unique and unusual designs Balls, tees & bags – different styles and method of manufacture, etc Medals & trophies – significant events and winners Apparel and golf fashions Score cards – courses, course records and other significant scores, changes to courses, etc Courses design and green-keeping, including design, construction and management Rules – records of rules, changes and decisions Books and other printed material relating to all aspects of golf Material relating to golf tuition Club records, including published histories Historical accounts written by notable people, or about events and places Items offered can be on donation or loan. The Australian Golf Museum is managed according to accepted Museum standards.