Date: April 13, 2016
Author: Golf Tasmania

Golf Tasmania Newsletter – April 2016

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One of the greatest criticisms of Golf Tasmania in the  past has been that few could see the relevance of the organisation as relating to their own golf club. How does Golf Tasmania relate to each individual club? In future newsletters I intend to try and answer this question in an ongoing manner.

This newsletter will contain three sections, my explanation of what has occurred over the last three months from a Board perspective, Stuart Eaton (Events Manager) describing recent tournaments etc. for which he is responsible and Simon Weston (Development Officer) informing the golfing community about how he is working at increasing participation or “growing the game”. I am confident that between these three reports, Tasmanian golfers will be able to see where we are headed and how Golf Tasmania is relevant to them.

The Board has approved “one off” payments to  Ulverstone and Woodrising Golf Clubs of $1000 each to assist them with the running of their national junior tournaments in April. This amount increases what we normally would have paid to enter our own teams, their accommodation, travelling and supervision. We also  made a donation of $750 to “Carts for a Cause” as we thought it important to support Beyond Blue, particularly as their golfing journey highlighted all our Tasmanian clubs. We continue to pay Golf Australia to perform our administrative duties, and obviously fund all associated costs for the representative teams plus our Development Officer costs.

You will read of an exciting initiative between Golf Tasmania and clubs in Simon’s section which has the potential to cost significant amounts but with great reward to clubs.

The Board has also asked the Tournament, Rules and Rating Committee to investigate significant increases in course compensation, so once again clubs wanting to hold major tournaments are properly compensated for presenting their courses well and at no loss of income generation to their members.

The first meeting of the Constitutional Committee was held in order that modifications to our constitution can be developed. Golf Tasmania and the committee were grateful for the presence of Golf Australia CEO, Stephen Pitt, as he helped with advice relating to current Australian Sports Commission and Golf Australia directions which will be relevant to where Golf Tasmania heads.

I will continue to inform member clubs of our direction and hope club officials forward these newsletters to their members.

Tony Bush


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