Date: December 18, 2017
Author: Golf Tasmania

Golf Tasmania Newsletter – December 2017

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Hello to the Tasmanian golfing community.  Welcome to the fourth quarterly newsletter.

What a thrill it was for Tasmania to win the under 15 Australian Student Championship played at The Coast Golf Club, NSW in November.  I want to thank John Milbourne, past director of High Performance Golf, and Peter Bond, current director, coaches, managers and respective families, for their combined efforts which have led to this wonderful achievement.  When our members see this win, and are aware that this year we sent away our youngest ever women’s state team, they can be assured the future of high performance golf in Tasmania is on track.

Due to our Onegolf relationship with Golf Australia we have been granted additional funds to be spent on our under 25’s, ensuring we can support the development of our juniors into future state representatives.  While it is so efficient to communicate with Northern Golf as regards increased funding for golf development, it highlights once again the positives that will come should our four member associations in the South amalgamate.  It is so difficult to advance high performance golf in the southern region when it is unclear to which organisation funds should be allocated.  Please continue down the road to amalgamation in the South.

Tasmania and Royal Hobart Golf Clubs have both set up short course golf.  It is endorsed by the Board and we look forward to many other member clubs offering the same.  We do believe it may be one of the answers we have been looking for to increase participation and make the game more friendly for beginners, juniors, those coming back from injury, some veterans and simply time poor players.  They are particularly important as Mygolf school students are initiated to our courses.

They have set up their courses with another set of tee boxes ranging from mid fairway to front tee boxes on par 3’s and angled to avoid bunkers or trouble.  These courses either have been or will be rated, can be used by any player and can be used for handicap purposes.  They are not intimidating, can be played more quickly and can be used as an alternative for social groups who may want to play the short course.  A great alternative to the standard format.  Simon Weston will have details available when visiting clubs. For Simon’s latest participation report, please click here.

Tasmania Golf Club is holding a junior competition every Sunday, from 10 am.  Juniors can book online and play in the competition for $5 entry with no green fees.

Golf Tasmania would like it’s clubs to contact Stuart Eaton as regards course rating.  In the past there has been some confusion as regards Association involvement, but we would like clubs to direct enquiries to GT to expedite their course rating requirements.

Over the next month, Golf Tasmania will be writing to our Associations asking them to comment and recommend guidelines as to the treatment of social golf clubs.  We are receiving feedback from clubs about members of social clubs booking tee times at our clubs and in some cases leaving physical golf club memberships in favour of social or virtual golf club membership.  Golf Tasmania has not affiliated any of these clubs so we need to develop guidelines for their treatment.  I will send information to associations and ask for their opinions.  It will probably become a forum topic for face to face discussion prior to making a decision endorsed by our members.

The Board would like to express it’s appreciation of Ian Clarke, Director of Tournaments, Rules and Ratings, Stuart Eaton and all the volunteers who were responsible for the presentation of our Open and Amateur Championships.  We always receive accolades for the way our tournaments are run and say thank you to those involved.

In closing, on behalf of the Golf Tasmania Board, I would like to wish all our golfing community a safe and happy festive season, and great golfing in 2018.


Tony Bush