Date: October 25, 2013
Author: Golf Tasmania

Golf Tasmania September 2013 Newsletter

Hi Everyone, You have probably noticed we have made a change to the format of our newsletter for this month and will continue to refine it over future editions. I would also like take this opportunity to invite clubs and associations to send in items that we can include in future editions. At our July Board meeting we welcomed Anthony (Tony) Bush to his first meeting and the Board accepted the following responsibilities: Chair: Helen Langenberg; Treasurer: Andrew Hill; Selectors: Paul Beard: Championships: Chris Bell; Junior Participation/Development: Tony Bush and Policy & Governance: Georgette Chilcott. It was also decided that the November 21 Board meeting would be held on the North West Coast, in conjunction with the Tasmanian Amateur. We look forward to catching up with our North West and other colleagues during the event. At the September Board meeting it was decided, due to a low level of response to cancel the Industry Dinner for this year. The Board and I will consider alternative opportunities to announce and induct nominees for the various categories. The Board also received a presentation and proposal from Brad James, Director of High Performance, and Alex Head, National High Performance Coach Tasmania, on creating an aligned development program with State Team coaching and selections. There are a few final tweaks to be worked out, but an announcement is imminent. Finally a quick note of thanks to Don Cameron and Golf Tasmania North for coordinating and inviting me to a forum with the East Coast clubs in their district. We enjoyed some open and frank information sharing which I thank the attendees for. The forum also included the first opportunity for Lander and Rogers representative, Richard Redman, to seek input from members for the Golf Tasmania Review. We are currently working with area associations to coordinate with other opportunities to hold similar review forums in other areas. We hope to announce these ASAP. Craig French Read the full newsletter