Date: June 12, 2007

Golf Tasmania’s new family

MEDIA RELEASE ISSUED BY GOLF TASMANIA: Golf Tasmania will be the new peak body for the sport in this State and is the product of a healthy union between Women&aposs Golf Tasmania and the Tasmanian Golf Council. Both organisations boast a long legacy of having administered the sport and its participants. The men&aposs body having set up shop in 1908, with the women’s association initiating proceeding during 1922. In more recent times the members of both associations voted unanimously to support the unification of the game, which is scheduled to occur on Sunday 17 June. The amalgamation process has seen nominated representatives from each of the men’s and women&aposs area associations forming an Elective Council with the sole purpose of electing the inaugural Board. On Thursday 31 May that election took place with the following results: GOLF TASMANIA INAUGURAL BOARD Don Cameron (Quamby GC) 3 Year Tenure John Fennell (Ulverstone GC) 3 Year Tenure Luppo Prins (Llanherne GC) 2 Year Tenure Jennifer McMeekin (Kingston Beach GC) 2 Year Tenure Adrian Dennis (Mowbray GC) 1 Year Tenure Rosemary Hogg (Launceston GC) 1 Year Tenure As previously stated, the Board will meet for the first time on Sunday 17 June at the Mowbray Golf Club following the Annual General and final meeting of the Tasmanian Golf Council. Amongst themselves these six new officials will elect a President and Vice-President to represent the golfers of Tasmania and guide the new body to a bright future. Bruce Eaton EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR For further details please contact the Tasmanian Golf Council on (03) 6244 3600