Date: November 13, 2013
Author: Martin Blake /

Golf the focus for Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh admits the legal wrangle he is having with the United States PGA Tour ruined his 2013 season, but he has resolved to put it behind him as he prepares to tee it up in the Talisker Masters at Royal Melbourne. Singh, the veteran Fijian, is suing the tour, his own employer, because he argues it publicly humiliated him over an admission that he used deer antler spray, a substance that was briefly banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency because it contains a growth hormone. The tour was perturbed when Singh made the comment in a Sports Illustrated article, but has since dropped any action because WADA removed it from the banned list. But Singh is pursuing his legal action, with his advocate arguing recently that the PGA Tour had applied its drug code &apos&aposselectively&apos&apos. The player himself has refused to back down. “It has been going on for a whole year and it kind of messed up my whole season so, you know, the best thing I told myself to do is just focus on what I know best which is playing golf and let the legal side to take care of its own,&apos&apos he said today. Pushed on the issue, he said he would “rather not talk about it right now&apos&apos. Singh said he expected a positive outcome. “I mean it has been a thorn in my side for a while but I have kind of tried to put that behind me and just focus on my game and, you know, it is an on-going thing at the moment but there is no negative to me anymore. I mean whatever happens is going to be a positive so I have taken that and then kind of added it to my game.&apos&apos Recently turned 50, he has played some Senior Tour events but remains focussed on the primary tour. He still has the game, finishing second in a PGA Tour event recently. A new caddie and a return to the short putter, as well as a new driver that gives him a few extra metres off the tee, have invigorated the man who was once world No. 1. “I want to win again,&apos&apos he said. “I have not won in a few years and there are a lot of signs that I am playing well again so this is the first time in five, six years where I have gone back to a regular size putter and I am putting really well. That has been my nemesis all along, my putting, and I think that is my strongest part of the game right now is my putting and driving as well. “So if I can putt well like I have been doing and drive the ball well, you know, my whole I think I want to win so bad that is what is bugging me so much. I have not won in, like I said, a few years and I want to win and I do not want to go out there and win on a senior tour because it really does not give me any kind of incentive to go out there and win. I want to win on the regular tour.&apos&apos It is the veteran&aposs first visit to Royal Melbourne since the International team&aposs famous triumph over the USA in the 1998 Presidents Cup. He tees it up at 12.20pm tomorrow.