Date: October 14, 2015
Author: Golf Australia

Golf: think yoga mats!

Skirts below the knee? Nope.

Long socks? You’re kidding!

Checks and plaid shirts? Forget about it!

Girls, we are talking leggings, lycra and active-wear.

We’re talking your chance to try a sport you’ve always wanted to, but never found the right environment in which to do it.

The new era of golf has arrived – and it’s called Swing Fit!

Still not convinced?

Swing Fit is neither time consuming (you can do it in 75 minutes), nor expensive (it costs just $20 a session).

And we know you’ve wanted to try golf – 1.3 million of you across Australia said so – it’s just that now we’ve made it the way you always wanted it.

It’s as much about fitness and socialising as it is learning golf.

The core outcomes of Swing Fit are:

• Health and conditioning
• Wellbeing and social
• Skill acquisition (learning to swing and putt)
• All in a welcoming and fun environment

So if you have a female friend or family member who may be interested in starting golf, tell them to pop on their gym gear and be ready to have yoga mats and medicine balls in hand!

Swing Fit programs (including Come and Try sessions) are up and running as a part of GOLF MONTH so make sure you visit find a venue near you!

Want to get more females playing golf at your club? Visit to find out how.