Date: May 16, 2015
Author: Mark Hayes

Golf unites behind ending violence

Australia’s peak golfing bodies have thrown their support behind a campaign to stop domestic violence.

To coincide with the release of a brilliant new song entitled “Let Me Breathe” by Colleen Hewett, Golf Australia, the PGA of Australia and ALPG have united to help promote the message of Violence Free Families.

And with frightening statistics revealing that domestic violence affects one in three people – mostly women – in Australia, the bodies are united in telling all golfers to spread awareness and speak out against the scourge.

“It’s almost unthinkable that so many people can’t find refuge from daily issues at home, right where they should feel at their safest,” Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt said.

“We urge all golfers to acknowledge that the problem exists and do their absolute utmost to stamp out that dreadful reality.”

“As golf industry leaders we must ensure our golfing community recognise the issue of domestic violence,” PGA of Australia chief executive Brian Thorburn said.

“We encourage them to be role models in both recognising and addressing this unacceptable type of behaviour to assist in a change of culture within society.”

“It is beyond belief that many of our fellow Australians face this horrendous problem on a daily basis,” ALPG chief executive Karen Lunn said.

“Through our support and the support of our industry partners we hope to encourage golfers across the country to assist in raising awareness and help to rid our society of domestic violence.”

The video of Violence Free Families ambassador Hewett’s song will be released this week, featuring a broad range of Australian identities, including Prime Minister Tony Abbott, united in opposition to domestic violence.

Ms Hewett, herself a former victim, has teamed with Rotary to push for families to be violence-free.

Mr Abbott said the country’s attitude “must change and it will change”.

“I find violence against women and children absolutely abhorrent,” he said.

“Real men don’t hit, they don’t threaten and they don’t bully women or children.

“But tragically domestic violence remains prevalent in too many parts of our country.

“I commend Rotary, I commend Colleen Hewett and everyone else involved in producing this campaign.

“This is our call to action as Australians – Violence Free Families, help break the cycle.”

Click on to download the video and/or donate to show your support for Violence Free Families.