Date: January 25, 2013

Golf Victoria launches ‘All Abilities Golf’ page on the website

Everyone Can Play: Supporting People with a Disability to Play Golf

Golf is a sport that people of all abilities can enjoy. To make the sport more accessible for people with a disability, Golf Victoria has developed a specific webpage that provides information about specialised programs that assist these people with a disability to enjoy the game of golf.
Golf Victoria CEO, Simon Brookhouse stated; "Golf Victoria prides itself on providing people of all abilities an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic benefits that golf brings. These benefits include improved health, social interaction and the chance to play competitively. Whether you have a disability or not, golf can truly be the game for life."

"For many people, it is much more than golf," said Melissa Noonan, Executive Officer of Limbs 4 Life, an organisation that promotes support and social inclusion for amputees and assists them to play golf. "Participating in a golf clinic is a very positive mental health experience. Anyone who has spent an extended period of time in a hospital or rehabilitative facility will welcome the experience of being able to participate in a sport which promotes healthy outcomes and offers a challenge, fresh air and the beauty of wide open spaces."

Limbs 4 Life run regular golf clinics with Christian Hamilton, a PGA Professional based at Sandhurst Golf Club.

"Christian has an incredible talent of helping everyone to compensate for what has been lost, while developing strategies to enhance what is left to further ensure that each and every person can get the most from their own game," reports Noonan.

"While these skills assist an individual’s game, they are skills which can be used in the greater community."

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