Date: August 27, 2013

Governance and Structure Review Update #2

Since my first update, several members of the Golf Tasmania (GT) Board and General Manager Craig French met with Stephen Pitt, GA CEO on August 9 to discuss the review process and GA s support. We agreed there were four items to address, with the first two to be conducted using the services of Ian Fullagar, Lander & Rogers. Given the costs involved, GT sought submissions and quotes from three separate companies known to have the capacity to undertake a governance and constitution review. Each was considered separately by the GT board and then discussed with Stephen Pitt to ensure GA was supportive. As well as providing significant financial support for this part of the review, Stephen Pitt also committed to assisting with the strategic planning session to be undertaken with the GT board and General Manager at a later stage. Ian Fullagar, Lander & Rogers will meet with members of the GT Board and Craig French on September 12 after which date further advice to members will be provided on the times and opportunities for consultation. The first two items being addressed are: 1. Governance: Alignment with Australian Sports Commission s Sport Governance Principles and Golf Australia constitution. Board composition number of board members, terms, term limits, term of chair (annual or board term), gender composition, ability for board to appoint some (2) board members based on skills as well as those elected (6), need for board members to be independent (not on area/district bodies). Membership review tiers of club membership, delegate voting structure, membership for areas/districts, elective council (need to tidy up process postal ballot rather than meeting, who nominated for elective council and when), quorums at AGM. Sub-committees define roles, responsibilities and composition. 2. Constitution: The constitution is to be updated/revised to reflect the changes to governance. The process will involve: Consultation with all relevant stakeholders (face-to-face, use of written survey/submissions) including meetings in each area/district as well as meetings in other geographical areas. The preparation of a report based on the feedback with recommendations for the GT board. &aposPros&apos and &aposcons&apos will be developed for each recommendation (if necessary). Implementation plan finalised and information sessions/briefing or another appropriate means of communication of changes and what this means for stakeholders. All findings of process sent to relevant stakeholders, including why/why not certain feedback for the initial consultation was actioned. Stephen Pitt and Craig French available to meet with key stakeholders to discuss the outcomes of the process. Drafting of new/revised constitution underway. January 2014 and beyond New revised constitution presented to board and then circulated to members prior to the Annual General Meeting in March/April 2014. The next two items to be addressed are: 3. Strategy Stephen Pitt is to conduct a one-day strategic planning session with GT board and General Manager (using a process similar to that undertaken by GA). Time to be confirmed. And an initial strategic plan drafted based on feedback received during the consultation phase. 4. Operations: To be considered once the strategy is finalised and to also reflect the changes to governance. Please feel free to contact Craig French or me if you wish to discuss this matter further. Regards Helen Langenberg Chair